World proletarian revolution can alone bring about desired emancipation from oppression and repression (2)


(Comrade Asit Bhattacharyya, veteran Polit Bureau member, SUCI(C), delivered an inspiring and educative speech in Assamese in Guwahati on 26 April last on the occasion of observance of the 74th Party Foundation Day. The original speech in Assamese and its Bengali translation were published in instalments in Ganamukti and Ganadabi, our Assamese and Bengali organs respectively. It has been felt necessary to publish its English translation in Proletarian Era in instalments. The first instalment was published in the previous issue. i.e., Vol 56 no 5 dated 1 October. This is the second instalment. Given in this issue. Responsibility of translation error and inadequacy of expression, if any, lies with the Editorial Board of Proletarian Era.)

Though this is a very important question. Time-constraint would not permit to dwell on this at length here. Very briefly, I can say that way back in 1956, Comrade Shibdas Ghosh had drawn the attention of the toiling masses of the world towards the impending danger of revisionist intrusion in communist movement. In the 20th congress of CPSU (Communist Party of Soviet Union) which was held after demise of Stalin, the Khrushchevite revisionists and counter-revolutionaries began to spread baseless canards against Stalin. It was the lone voice of Comrade Shibdas Ghosh, a leader of international communist movement, which pointed out that the decisions taken at that congress to motivatedly denigrate Stalin would ultimately uncrown Lenin himself and strike at the roots of Leninism. He also warned that if this modern revisionism could not be fought out and defeated, counter-revolution would not be far away. Because of absence of desired level of ideological consciousness, the people of Soviet Union could not understand this revisionist deviation at that time. Comrade Shibdas Ghosh had shown that chewing the cud of socialism, the anti-socialism revisionist Khrushchevite leadership assumed power and because of low standard of consciousness, Soviet people failed to realize that. The offenders and later their followers who grabbed power deceiving people were undeterred in their pursuit of revisionist path which ultimately led to counter-revolution and downfall of socialism.
Same has been the case with China. Few years before the demise of Mao Zedong, capitalist-roaders like Liu Shaoqi, Deng Xiaoping and others loyal to them within the Communist Party of China attempted to demolish socialism in China by following the Khrushchevite line. But great Mao Zedong could easily foil that attempt. But unfortunately, after demise of Mao Zedong, the same revisionist nexus usurped power of both the party and the government and established capitalism within a few years. This immensely tragic event did not occur in the lifetime of Comrade Shibdas Ghosh. But as the Khrushchevite came into power in Russia he had, through correct analysis, shown how modern revisionism had made inroads into the world communist movement. He also firmly asserted that if the very roots of modern revisionism could not be extricated by conducting intense ideological struggle, then it would not be possible to thwart counter-revolution. Explaining further, he observed that after accomplishing revolution and establishment of socialism, it is imperative to continuously uplift the theoretical standard of Marxism-Leninism. Otherwise, a relatively low standard of ideological-political consciousness would prevail. In that event, serious mistakes would happen in the governance of the socialist state as well as in the sphere of socialist economy. This, in turn, would cause accumulation of grievances among the people and standard of socialist consciousness and understanding of communism would fall. Capitalizing on that, the defeated capitalist class would reorganize itself and bring about counter-revolution. Exactly, that had happened in Soviet Union. We first got this analysis from Comrade Shibdas Ghosh. After the twentieth congress of CPSU, he categorically stated that the flood gate of revisionism had been opened.
It is pertinent to mention here that when in the 20th Congress of the CPSU in 1956, a slanderous campaign against Stalin was undertaken to pave the way for revisionist thoughts to creep in, great Mao Zedong was alive. But the Chinese Communist Party had not given any reaction on this anti-Stalin crusade and steps taken to traverse along revisionist path. The Chinese party had expressed strong condemnation of the Khrushchevite line after 7-8 years. They argued as both Soviet Union and China were socialist states, they needed time to react. It is also true that this firm anti-revisionist stand of the Chinese party and government had helped international communist movement. But it was Comrade Shibdas Ghosh who was first to point out that if the standard of ideological consciousness is not elevated continuously, it was bound to fall taking advantage of which revisionist thoughts germinate in communist movement and pave the way for counter-revolution to take place. Yet, counter-revolution could not be averted because of many reasons. But the scientific analysis of Comrade Shibdas Ghosh and his timely warning were proved to be correct to the words.
The debacle of socialist Soviet Union has not only driven the constituent countries of erstwhile Soviet Union to severe calamitous situation, it has pushed the exploited and oppressed people the world over to further misery and penury. To all the countries facing imperialist onslaught—economically, socially, politically, militarily as well as in all other aspects, the Soviet Union had been the only dependable ally against imperialist aggression of US, the chieftain of global imperialism and their associates. A highly economically advanced country like Soviet Union was so attractive that it was a source of joy, satisfaction, contentment and peace to not only the Soviet people but people of the entire world. Falling into the grip of modern revisionism, that very great country lost both its beauty as well as power. Finally, socialism had been dismantled by counter-revolution orchestrated by the defeated bourgeoisie and its revisionist accomplices.
Another fact that had instilled immense pride among the Soviet citizens was that USA were no more in any way superior to USSR. This glory of Soviet socialism made them immensely joyous.
The setback of the socialist camp had undoubtedly weakened the world communist movement to a great extent, but the people there had then failed to understand the reason behind that setback. However, they have begun to understand it. Ever since the people could understand the reactionary character of Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Putin to be anti-socialist, counter-revolutionary force, the people of the Soviet Union started to oppose them. Today, there are movements going on within the country against the destruction of the Soviet Union. Every day people are out on the streets with pictures of great leaders Lenin and Stalin, crying out slogans: ‘‘Long live great Lenin’’, ‘‘Long live great Stalin’’, ‘‘We want the Soviet Union back’’, ‘‘We want socialism back’’. Again, in imperialist countries like the USA barring the Chicago Movement, where meetings and rallies were seldom held, there too there are slogans like: ‘‘We want socialism’’, ‘‘We want communism’’. Marxist literatures are being published today in the USA. Even in China the capitalist rulers are taking the name of communism to confuse the people in their bid to be in rule. In reality, they are extremely anti-communist, having become a totally capitalist country. In the early days they had assured the people of economic advancement, so as to divert them. Currently, in China too, anti-capitalist movements are developing. Though the reactionary forces in power are posing as communists by using pictures of Mao Zedong, they too are frightened. Severe grievance is accumulating against the exploitative rule and they are relentless in their struggle to seek redress.
There is no democracy in any capitalist country
In all capitalist-imperialist countries, ruthless exploitation is engendering all problems. There are no jobs. Even minimum scope of earning by selling out labour power for mere survival is also absent. Added to this is burden of severe price-rise and sky-rocketing inflation. In the political arena, an autocratic and fascistic administration is ruling the roost. There is no democracy in any capitalist country today. Abraham Lincoln had declared that democracy is ‘for the people, by the people, of the people.’ Capitalist-imperialist rulers strongly hold even today that the bourgeois democratic system established by their predecessors is the ideal one. It is because there is a system of electing a government by vote. Day in and day out, they are propagating this. But what do we find in reality? In what form is political crisis appearing? Not only in India, in the whole capitalist world, what does parliament stand for in reality? Previously parliament was held as sovereign contingent upon sovereignty of the people who elect the legislators every 4 or 5 years through vote. In ballot, people gave their verdict as to who would come to power and who would be ousted. So, it was championed as an ideal system. In the past, it was asserted that in democracy, people are supreme. Elections would be held at a definite time intervals giving people an opportunity to decide who should rule them by forming government. It was stated that if a party whom people had elected earlier was not performing to their expectation, they could change the incumbent party and vote another party to power. Such worked for a few years during the advent of capitalism and bourgeois democracy. But this did not last long. As soon as capitalism started being enmeshed in crisis, parliamentarian democracy, its political superstructure, also began to degenerate. Capitalism was ridden by crisis in every sphere—economic, political, social and cultural. The economic crisis has assumed such a proportion that it has turned into an hourly crisis. In such a situation, people are no more able to lead a stable life. Having been denied any means of subsistence, they are dying like street animals. Similarly sordid is the spectacle of our country marked by silent and unnoticed deaths of thousands of destitute.
In the circumstances, democracy which the bourgeoisie boasted so much about by propagating that people have right to choose their own government, has become a mockery, their being the practice for the citizens voting to elect a government, which is the capitalists’ govt. The elected government which was supposed to ensure economic, political, social and cultural upliftment of the people, is now a utopia. We are witness to what a farce the election which the bourgeoisie has been upholding as the livewire of democracy, has turned into today. Elections are held every 5 years and a new government is formed. Sometimes this party, sometimes the other party is saddled in power. But 90-95% people are losing even whatever little property they inherited and thereby turned into proletariats. Finally, helpless and hapless to the extreme, they are driven to untimely death.
Same is the condition in all imperialist-capitalist the world over. Everywhere, increasing number of common people are losing their homes and becoming street dwellers. Even USA, the so-called richest country, is no exception. Because of ruthless capitalist exploitation, many US citizens who once had homes are now begging on the streets to live. The situation is worsening with every passing day. What we need to identify is the root of these growing misery and wretchedness of the toiling people at large. And Marxism has shown us that root. Marxism is a comprehensive science, a scientific methodology of analysis and a tool to search and know the truth. So, only Marxism can provide answer as to how to solve the burning problems of life stemming from capitalism.
Today arms manufacturing
is the principal trade
All capitalist countries are today deeply entrenched in acute insolvable economic crisis. Finding no way out of this crisis, ruling class of all capitalist-imperialist countries including USA have been compelled to resort to militarisation of economy, i.e., an economy thriving on wars. As engineering a world war today is not that easy in today’s condition because of several factors, the capitalist-imperialist countries are orchestrating regional wars. One powerful imperialist country is launching military attack on another country and thereby trying to surcharge the global atmosphere with war tension. US imperialism had launched a direct military aggression against Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Iran. On the pretext of increased war expenditure, they have been continuously increasing defence budget. But the money they are spending on this account from public exchequer belongs to the people. Today, in many countries, the monopolists are investing people’s money to produce military hardware with the help of their servitor governments. Thereafter, the imperialist governments are themselves buying those arms so produced and thus giving the monopolists the scope to reap heaps of profit. US imperialism and its associates among other imperialist countries are playing the main role in this regard.
Comrade Shibdas Ghosh provided comprehensive understanding of fascism
There is another explosive side of the present economic-political situation. The capitalists-imperialists of the world, under the garb of democracy, democratic rights, democratic election and presenting an outward show of vote politics, are in avid pursuit of fascism. Comrade Shibdas Ghosh was first to sound caution about the mistake of equating fascism with military dictatorship. He showed that there are three main features of fascism. First is concentration of all wealth in the hands of the monopolists. Secondly concentration of political power of the state in the hands of the few monopolists by snatching all political rights of the people. Thirdly, a peculiar fusion of the technical aspects of science with spiritualism. Comrade Lenin had shown that imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism. Based on that teaching, Comrade Shibdas Ghosh, the great Marxist thinker, pointed out that in this period of extreme degeneration of capitalism, the ruling capitalist class of all countries are assuming fascist character keeping a façade of parliamentary democracy and thereby robbing all legitimate rights of the people and intensifying economic-political exploitation.
Comrade Stalin, the great leader of the proletariat, had provided a brilliant analysis that after the Second World War, whatever little relative stability the decadent moribund capitalist economy had before the war, also ceased to exist. Capitalism has now been gripped by the third intense general crisis. This crisis is accentuating with the passage of time manifested in the form of continuous shrinkage of market, galloping price-rise, mounting unemployment, severe inflation, and escalating retrenchment. It was great Marx himself who had warned that after the colonies would achieve freedom, the advanced capitalist countries would be faced with acute economic crisis. Later on, Lenin explained it more lucidly. The reality today proves how correct they were.
If gripped by illusion of vote politics, utter ruin is inevitable
British imperialism which had ruled and exploited us for a prolonged period, is itself deeply crisis-ridden today. Such worsened is the condition of world capitalism-imperialism today. The great leaders Marx, Engels and then Lenin had clearly stated wherever capitalism-imperialism would be in power, even the last drop of blood of the people would be sucked up. Whatever Marx had predicted is being attested to today. Correctness of all his analyses and conclusions are as obvious as daylight. So, there is no way for the exploited people to survive unless capitalism is overthrown. No movement can be of real worth unless it is developed as conducive to the struggle for ending the reign and exploitation of capitalism. But the shrewd capitalist class has kept the people engrossed in bourgeois vote politics. Day in and out, they are propagating that all problems can be solved through elections.
You all know the concepts of parliamentary democracy, adult franchise, etc., have come from Europe. But what is going on now in the name of election in Europe itself? It has been reduced to a big farce. It can be noticed that whenever oppressed aggrieved people of any country are bursting forth in protest movement, the ruling bourgeoisie is cunningly bringing to the fore another servitor of it as alternative and declaring election.
In this way, they have been trying to diffuse and divert people’s movements. Once the party, so projected as alternative, as saddled in power, that very capitalist government also in no time is found to follow the same anti-people policies, let alone redressing people’s problems. So, when the so-called alternative also faces wrath of people expressed in the form of fresh movements, the capitalist class again tries to get those movements by organizing another election. This is how the ruling capitalists strive to protect their vile class interest. To hold onto power, they go on propagating that election is the panacea for all malaises and aberrations.
How is then that once a party chosen through election is required to be ousted next time? All great revolutionaries have firmly held that for the capitalist class, election is a tool to befool people. Great Lenin had observed that ‘‘the oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class shall represent and repress them in parliament!’’ (The State and Revolution). Great leader Marx had stated 200 years back what ought to be the remedial course. He observed that the exploited masses are to be freed from the trap of election. This election would fetch nothing positive. Instead, it would snatch away whatever little assets the people have and turn them into proletariats.
Outwardly, it appears that so many parties are contesting elections. But except the genuine revolutionary party, all other parties are there to seize the people by the throat. So, if we vote any such party, we would only be inviting ourselves to be seized by the throat. In all capitalist countries including in ours, the ruling capitalists, in the name of parliamentary democracy, have been bringing to the forefront only those parties who are their servitors, financed and publicized by them. These parties are so tutored as to be able to humbly plead in favour of the rotten parliamentary system, befool people by posing themselves as their friends. The capitalists assure such parties that the entire propaganda machine including TV, radio, newspapers which are under their control would back them.
(To be continued)

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