Withdraw the decision to privatise BPCL


Central Committee  SUCI(C) has issued the following statement on 29-10-2019 :

Modi Government has decided to privatise the central public sector BPCL, rated as ‘Maharatnacompany by the central government based on its performance and profit. BPCL has a market share of 25%of the petroleum products in the country. It has 4 refineries, 6000 acres of land in the prime locations,14802 petrol pumps, 5907 LPG distribution centres, and have 11 subsidiary companies. This company having an asset of more than 8 lakh crore rupees is going to be sold at a throw- away price of 56000 crores of rupees to national or foreign monopoly capitalists. More than 1 lakh people all over India are depending on this company for their livelihood.

If the marketing of petroleum products are thrown open to the national and foreign capitalists the price of petroleum products and as a result the price of essential commodities will increase like anything.

This move of the Modi Government is a day light robbery of hard earned money of the common people of our country and is against the people’s interest. Hence we urge the central government to desist from the move to privatise BPCL. We request all the well-meaning people of this country to develop mighty peoples movement to force the Govt. to withdraw the move to privatise this public sector company.

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