Withdraw the Contempt Verdict Against Prashant Bhushan — Provash Ghosh


Sri Provash Ghosh General Secretary of SUCI communist on 15.08.2020 said in a statement :

” We note with serious concern that  the supreme court of India has lost  confidence on its own integrity and morality to such an extent that it sees in a tweet of two lines by a renowned advocate as a threat to its dignity and honour. When urgent cases on people’s democratic rights and civil liberties are pending before the court the hurry shown by the judges in disposing this suo Moto contempt case raises more questions than answered by the three judges bench verdict.

In fact the charges of corruption against the SC judges are not new and the Mr. Prashant Bhushan raised this charge nine years ago and no malice was found in that by the court. Why now? Is it because this honest and courageous lawyer is fighting for justice on every incident of injustice and raising his voice? We are constrained to note that in the present atmosphere when democratic institutions are being demolished and freedom of expression is gagged  in a fascistic manner this verdict of the SC  would only embolden the autocratic forces.

We strongly demand the withdrawal of contempt pronouncement and think that Mr.Prashant Bhushan should not be given any punishment

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