While fighting the dreaded virus, observe with due solemnity the historic 24 April


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A legion is growing in every corner of the country, the revolutionary legion. Realizing the need of Indian revolution marked by the absence of a genuine communist party, Comrade Shibdas Ghosh, the great leader of the proletariat, took upon himself the historic task of founding such a party that would, as vanguard detachment of the Indian proletariat, would lead that anti-capitalist revolution. So, he started the journey and , after a long painstaking all-out struggle, SUCI (Communist) was founded under his leadership on 24 April 1948. After 72 years, through blood and toil of sustained mass and class struggles led by the Party against ruthless capitalist exploitation and conspiracy, toiling millions  are coming to know who is the people’s friend and who are their foes.

This year the historic 24 April is not very far. Every year on this day, the legions take pledge anew to dedicate thousand times more to the cause of revolution. An ideological armour is ceaselessly imbuing revolutionaries to defeat decadent capitalist culture, to fight against capitalist exploitation, to cultivate higher ethics-culture-morality of communism and this is what is attracting the suffering masses towards the revolutionary Party. This ideological guidance based upon a scientific thinking process is the contribution of Comrade Shibdas Ghosh, our leader, teacher and guide who concretized Marxism-Leninism on the soil of India and in course of that, enriched and developed this scientific ideology and brought its understanding to a new height as to be a beacon to world revolution. Comrade Shibdas Ghosh Thought is the most advanced understanding of Marxism-Leninism in the contemporary world. The obsolete reactionary capitalist thoughts, menacing rise of individualism and social alienation, absence of values and perversion deeply entrenched in social life, even in family life, which have been causing fast erosion of all that is human and humane, find the strongest concrete blockade in the revolutionary movement spearheaded and conducted by the SUCI(C) based on the ennobling ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Shibdas Ghosh Thought.

The 72nd foundation day of the SUCI (Communist) cannot be observed centrally or regionally and even locally on a mass scale because of  the countrywide lockdown clamped to fight the dreaded corona virus . But the lockdown has exponentially multiplied the sufferings of the millions of peasants, workers and all other strata of poor people which stems from the exploitative capitalist system. This palpable fact is not to be forgotten. From behind all clamours the BJP led central government and the state governments are only taking, miniscule responsibility of this teeming poor section who is not getting food, shelter, medical care. In a vast country like ours all the governments are making a mockery of help. History will not forgive this criminal callousness on the part of the bourgeois rulers to save the mankind from this unprecedented calamity. Our Party along with many other organisations are trying utmost to help the helpless. Governments, particularly the BJP-led central government must take concrete measures to save every human being of the country from being perished.

Alongside sustained efforts to reach out whatever relief is possible to the helpless ad hapless countrymen and firmly stand by them in this hour of grave need, our comrades from all corners of India, north to south, west to east, altogether in 22 states, will observe the day with due solemnity recalling the teachings of Comrade Shibdas Ghosh and renew their pledge to steadfastly carry forward the struggle he initiated to bring about the cherished emancipation of the oppressed Indians.

Historic 24 April, the Party Foundation Day, keeps us constantly aware of the basic fact that millions of toiling people are gasping under the rule of capitalist exploitation. Joblessness, retrenchment, price rise, crises of the workers and the peasantry, desperation of the young people as well as every section of the countless poor marginalised people, brute atrocities upon children and women  are ever deepening. Pushed to the extreme, hundreds of thousands are taking resort to suicide. But the ruling Indian national bourgeoisie and their lackeys are continuing their exploitation remorselessly through the central and state governments, which are installed to power with the blessing of the ruling class. The parties, subservient to the ruling monopolists and enjoying power and pelf with their blessings, vie with each other to show greater ability to serve the stinking capitalist system while at the same time befool the people with false hopes and fratricidal poison. The winner of the rat race are prized with governmen-tal power. The BJP presently stands as the most trusted and most prized by the capitalist class. As it enjoys power, it should perform  its responsibility for people too at this critical hour when a great danger is awaiting  millions of the country.

This situation demands of all of us to strengthen mass and class struggle against capitalism with the revolutionary change of the society in view. Unity of the exploited people and united movement against capitalism should be what people need to strive for. Once more, the historic 24 April, reiterates this call.

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