West Bengal State SUCI(C) cries shame on vandalization of Vidyasagar’s statue by BJP goons


In a statement, Comrade Chandidas Bhattacharjee, West Bengal State Secretary, SUCI(C) vehemently cried shame on the most criminal act of vandalizing the statue of great Vidyasagar, the doyen of Indian Renaissance as also vandalizing the campus and students’ hostel of Vidyasagar college in Kolkata by the BJP goons during the roadshow of Amit Shah, the BJP President, on 14 May afternoon. He called upon all to vehemently condemn such politics of vandalism and gangsterism by the BJP.

In observance of the Protest Day on 15 May, SUCI(C) took out a protest rally in Kolkata early morning and Comrade Soumen Basu, member, Polit Bureau, garlanded the broken statue of Vidyasagar.

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