UP State SUCI(C) vehemently condemns death of 22 patients in Agra hospital due to suspension of oxygen supply


In a press statement released on 9th June, Comrade Pushpendra, UP State SUCI(C), strongly condemned the most cruel incident that occurred at Paras Hospital in Agra on 26 Aprillast.
As reported by Dr. Arinjo Jain, oxygen supply was suspended on that day for five long minutes allegedly as a part of the mock drill to identify mortally ill patients from the rest, thereby causing the death of as many as 22 critical patients. Severely indicting such a grossly inhuman and heinous act, Comrade Pushpendra demanded that exemplary punishment be meted out to the guilty and all bereaved families be given compensation of Rs.5 lakh.
Comrade Pushpendra also voiced the demand that the Government should take over the Hospital immediately.

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