To prevent further erosion pass-fail system must be reintroduced from class-I — Provas Ghosh

On the central government`s decision to reintroduce pass-fail system  in class- v and class- viii, Comrade Provas Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI (communist) said in a press statement:

Due to the No Detention policy of up to class-viii at the school level there has been a serious damage to the learning process of millions of students in our country. Since its initiation our Party SUCI (Communist) voiced strong protest against it.  From among the teachers, students, guardians and educationists at large strong resentment has been voiced. Our party by associating education loving people at all levels launched movement against this disastrous policy which is continuing for the last 10 years throughout the country. The cumulative pressure of this mass anger and movements has compelled the central govt. to reintroduce pass-fail system. But bringing back only at class v and viii cannot prevent the rot in education. To prevent further erosion in education reintroduction of pass-fail system from class-I is urgently necessary. We have been organizing movement on this demand and so long the govt. does not concede the mass  movement will continue.

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