‘Thrissur Declaration’ of People’s Parliament


The ‘Thrissur Declaration’ of People’s Parliament held at Sahitya Academy Hall, Thrissur, Kerala, demanded, the National Education Policy must be presented and discussed in detail in parliament. Kerala Samsthana Janakeeya Prathirodha Samiti was one of the key organizers. Dr. Tarun Kanti Naskar, General Secretary, All India Save Education Committee (AISEC) inaugurated the programme by flagging off a rally.
The National Education Policy, the declaration of parliament observed, has brought universal literacy and numeracy to sabotage universal free scientific and free education envisioned by the constitution of India. NEP curbs reading and writing up to eighth standard. It also keeps silence on appointing eligible and capable permanent teachers. It emphasizes on hand crafts and petty skills training instead of education and schooling.

NEP will also bring doom to language education; claims the declaration. The credit and semester system, four year undergraduate programmes and multiple entry-exit systems will lead higher education to collapse. The attempt to impose Hindi as sole official language will lead to the weakening and destruction of mother tongues, English and oriental languages. The move to take control over education by the central government, which is enlisted on the concurrent list, will create adverse consequences. The declaration also calls upon continuous movements to protect the nation and its federalism.
M. Shajar Khan presided over the concluding session of the People’s Parliament. Advocate Mathew Velangadan, state vice-president of Janakeeya Prathirodha Samiti, inaugurated. R. Partha Sarathy Varma presented the declaration. Prof. KP Saji, Adv. EN Santhiraj, Dr. M Pradeepan, Artist V. S Gireesan and others spoke at the session. The people’s rally, followed by the programme was inaugurated by Prof. George Joseph, state president of AISEC. Dr. MP Mathai, Prof. Vincent Maliekkal, Dr. Azad, Dr. D Surendranath, G Narayanan, James Muttikkal and others led the rally.

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