Telegram sent to Prime Minister soliciting immediate government intervention in pursuing Smt. Medha Patkar to withdraw fast on acceptance of her just demands


8 August, 2017


The Hon’ble Prime Minister,

Government of India

While it was expected that the Central and Madhya Pradesh state governments would show minimum civility in meeting Medha Patkar, renowned social activist and leader of Narmada Bachao Andolan, on a hunger strike for 12 days in demand for proper rehabilitation and resettlement of 40,000 poor people of 176 villages who are slated to face submergence once the gates of the Sardar Sarovar, Gujarat were closed, accept her just demands and ensure she withdrew her indefinite fasting, The Madhya Pradesh Government instead has been most undemocratic and brutal in letting loose police on her and her associates, ransacking the fasting site, mercilessly charging batons on them causing grievous injuries to the victims. We vehemently condemn the incident, insist on immediate intervention of the Central government, accepting the legitimiate demands, shouldering the burden of proper medical treatment of the victms including Smt. Patkar, providing them adequate compensation for the damage suffered and meting out stringent punishment to those guilty of conducting such a bestial assault on a peaceful democratic movement for a just cause.

Sincerely Yours

(PROVASH GHOSH)                                                                                                              General Secretary                                                                                                                   SUCI (Communist)

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