SUCI(Communist) vehemently condemns the most reprehensible act of vandalizing memorial tomb of great Karl Marx

Shri Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI(C), has issued the following statement today:

It is reported in the Western media (The Guardian, The CNN, The Washington Post, dated. 5th February, 2019) that the memorial tomb of Karl Marx, the great leader and thinker who laid the roadmap of emancipation of mankind from all oppressions and repressions, at London’s Highgate cemetery has been vandalized by hitherto unidentified miscreants early this month. We join the revolutionary proletariat of the world and the right-thinking progressive-minded people round the globe in vehemently condemning this most reprehensible act. Since no other graves at the cemetery had been damaged, it is evident that it was no random an attack but deliberately targeted against Karl Marx with a view to erasing his name – a foolish thought nurtured by the agents of reaction who are now visibly frightened at the renewed surge of Marxist movement and cultivation of Marxism following more and more exposure of the cruel face of ruthlessly exploitative capitalism-imperialism. It is pertinent to mention that despite political differences, the Marx’s monument had so far been duly preserved and maintained by the British authorities reflecting whatever little remnant of democratic heritage is still prevalent in that country. But this most meanly odious and cowardly act of desecrating the marble plaque which was taken from Marx’s original 1883 gravestone and incorporated into the present monument installed in 1954, shows that the last vestige of philosophical tolerance and democratic comportment has also vanished from the British land since vandalism cannot take place without covert approval of the quarters of vested interest.

History has shown time and again that such mindless vandalism and criminal acts cannot even cause a scratch on, let alone defacing the place of profound reverence the great men of all time have carved out in the hearts of the common people. So such dastardly acts seemingly out of despondence would only firm up that place of veneration great Marx occupy in the minds of the oppressed millions longing to break the shackles of exploitation of man by man and prominently ring the death-knell of capitalism. We call upon all democratic-minded conscientious people to denounce this most atrocious act.

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