SUCI(C) vehemently opposes government decision to lift ban on pornographic sites

Comrade Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI(C), issued the following statement on 14-08-2015 :

We vehemently oppose the decision of the BJP government to lift the ban on internet pornography sites and thus allow unbridled proliferation and exhibition of weird sex perversion and obscenity to further shatter the already shattered moral backbone of the people, particularly the youth. Pornography, incidentally, is not equivalent to normal healthy sex that two united minds have in privacy with decency and have social acceptance. At a very early stage of social development, human beings realized that privacy and not immodest exposure of sex to public is a civilized behaviour. It is only in present moribund decadent capitalism that the ruling bourgeoisie seeking to dehumanize people is cunningly fuelling all sorts of rotten thinking including sex-perversion and seeking to give an impression through its propaganda machine and servitor sections that it is within one’s right to indulge in any indecent immoral act including enjoying audio-visual display of puerile sex on net. As victims of this sinister bourgeois design, many are prompted to think that proscribing pornographic sites is tantamount to curbing individual freedom and hijacking personal liberties. But, the truth is freedom is not anarchy or ultra-liberty to pursue anything one likes, violating social norms. In that case, theft and even murder are to be recognized as inviolable right of the thief and the murderer. Freedom is to be conceived in a concrete and relative sense as recognition of social necessity in accordance with the inexorable law of social development. This submission to social law-governance is no restriction but is real freedom. Pornography which portrays women primarily as objects of male satisfaction and sex as a base instinct is menacingly contributing to growing incidents of rape and gang rape sparing not even girl children and older women, sexual aggression and violence against women as well as aggravation of other crimes such as sex-trafficking. Polluting social atmosphere particularly the minds of the younger generation by exposure to pornography is in no way connected with the question of individual freedom.

So, it is the demand of all right-thinking progressive-minded persons gravely concerned at the rapid degeneration of the cultural standard and pollution of the moral fabric of the society to ban not only internet pornography but all pornographic literatures, films, TV programmes and advertisements immediately so that people are not emasculated from within and do not lose courage and moral strength to stand firm against oppression and repression of the exploitative capitalist society.

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