SUCI(C) strongly denounce the arbitrary notification of the BJP led Central Government to drop the word ‘Union’


Sri Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI (Communist) has issued the following statement today 14th September, 2020.

“We strongly denounce the arbitrary notification of the BJP led Central Government directing the government employees organizations to drop the word ‘Union’ from the name of their organizations by amending their constitution accordingly. The notification has also debarred the office bearers of the government employees organizations to hold their offices for more than two years. Just before few days, the Central Government issued an Office Memorandum to undertake periodic review of the performance of government employees and vested the appropriate government with the absolute power to arbitrarily retire a government employee from service prematurely on the plea of public interest and strengthening absolute administrative power. The central government has also imposed complete ban on new recruitment in the government sectors.
All these successive drastic measures taking cover of the Covid-19 pandemic are obviously politically aimed to muzzle the mounting voices of protests of the government employees and working people at large against the draconian onslaughts unleashed by the government at the behest of the corporate giants.
While strongly protesting against these fascistic measures, we strongly demand the forthwith withdrawal of the notification and call upon working people and more particularly the government employees to develop mighty movements to resolutely oppose such autocratic move of the government.”

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