SUCI(C) Strongly condemns the India-USA Logistic Exchange Memorandum of Agreement

Strongly condemning theIndia-USA Logistic Exchange Memorandum of Agreement Comrade Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI(C) has issued the following statement  on 1 September 2016:
We strongly condemn the so-called Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMDA) which has been signed on Monday the 29th August 2016 by India and US government. Whatever might have been the pretending arguments made in order to camouflage their heinous design, it is abundantly clear that the BJP-led Government of India working under the behest of the Indian monopolists is succumbing to the pressure of the US imperialists and conceding their on highly just demands intended to extend their sphere of influence and to establish their hegemonism throughout the world. Another grave aspect of the agreement lies in the eagerness of the Indian monopolists and their subservient Government is to emerge as a superpower in South and South East Asia with the backing of the US imperialists. Clearly in order to fulfill this desire they in an unabashed manner tilting towards the US imperialists and turning out to be their accomplice. This is simply monstrous and need to resisted by our countrymen in order to uphold our glorious anti-imperialist tradition, and to frustrate any attack upon our freedom and independence.


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