SUCI(C) strongly condemns the highly undemocratic ordinance of the BJP-led Rajasthan government

Comrade Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI(C), issued the following statement on 22 October, 2017 :
We strongly condemn the most undemocratic ‘Criminal Laws (Rajasthan Amendment) Ordinance, 2017’ passed by the BJP-led Rajasthan government that prevents disclosure of the names of public servants comprising both serving and former judges, magistrates and bureaucrats facing allegations of corruption while on-duty action unless and until the government allows any such case to be even investigated, let alone granting formal sanction to prosecute them, a punishable offence.
This is not only wanton subversion of the people’s right to know truth but also blatantly militates against the freedom of the media. Alongside, it is also a sinister ploy to elicit blind allegiance of the public servants including the judiciary to the capitalist government and the bourgeois party in power, turn them servile to the dictates and wishes of the despotic government and thereby make the whole process of governance a virtual mockery. Clearly, this move of the Rajasthan government is the beginning of fascization of administration through gradual concentration of autocratic political power in the hands of the bourgeois state through its servile governments and shield malfeasance and misfeasance that has become rampant throughout the imperialist-capitalist world. Since imperialism-capitalism today not only generates but survives on corruption and malpractices, it is weaving newer ploys with every passing day to keep the same under wrapper, muzzling democratic voice and arrogating to itself the absolute power to clamp fascism keeping a façade of democracy.
So, if the government is not forced to revoke this black ordinance under pressure of united powerful people’s movement, the entire country would be gradually dragged towards full-fledged fascism. Hence, we fervently appeal to the toiling masses of not only Rajasthan but of the entire country not to acquiesce in this move by lying low but assert their might by developing the desired movement in right earnest and frustrate the heinous conspiracy of the ruling capitalist class and its government.

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