SUCI(C) Strongly condemns the despicable Finance Bill

Strongly condemning the despicable Finance Bill, Shri Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, S U C I (Communist), has issued the following statement:


“The Parliament has passed the Finance Bill which strikes at the root of transparency on political funding in our country.  Firstly, the provision of electoral bonds has opened up the avenue of anonymous donation to political parties. Through these bonds a corporate house, or a mafia don, or anybody can donate large sums of money to political parties without revealing the donor’s identity. Secondly, by moving an amendment in the last minute provision of limit to the amount of such anonymous political donation by a corporate house is removed. Thirdly, the law gives the right to the donor not to reveal the name of the beneficiary political party. Thus the donor is anonymous and so is the receiver. The media, civil society, the general public will remain ignorant about the transfer of funds. So long it has been an open secret that all the ruling political parties serve the bourgeoisie are funded by the business houses. This new Bill puts the stamp of legal approval on this practice. During the freedom movement period the political parties used to function by soliciting party subscriptions from the common people. Now the ruling political parties serve the bourgeoisie run on corporate funds, and   naturally the parties remain the paid servants of the corporate houses. This has totally corrupted our political system.  The Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist) strongly condemns the despicable provisions of the Bill and demand their withdrawal.”

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