SUCI(C) strongly condemns Pune killing and calls upon conscientious people to unitedly thwart recurrence of such casteist-communal killings and violence



Shri Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI(C), has issued the following statement today : —


We strongly condemn the killing of a youth belonging to dalit community when a clash has broken out between upper-caste people and dalit communities in Pune, Mumbai and adjacent areas on 1 January, 2018. There is, of late, alarming rise in the incidents of harassing, assaulting and even lynching of downtrodden dalits, Muslims as well as Christians under this or that plea like so-called cow vigilantism, love jihad, forced conversion and so forth  as well as precipitated issues and even rumour mongering. In most of the cases, arch communal RSS-BJP-Sangh Parivar and groups backed by them are found to be involved and most of these are taking place in the states ruled by the BJP and its associates with the government machinery appears to be remaining as a passive, if not indulging, onlooker to such ghastly crimes since the very agenda of the RSS-BJP is to drive wedge of communalism-casteism with a view to disrupting unity of the toiling people and diverting their attention from the burning problems of life bred by ruling capitalism.

While demanding strong steps to quell attacks upon the dalits at once, adequate compensation to the family of the victim, we call upon all right-thinking democratic-minded people to rise in vehement protest against such repeated engineering of communal-casteist conflicts by the RSS-BJP and close their rank to thwart recurrence of such killings and violence by developing conscious powerful democratic as well as ideological struggles.

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