SUCI(C) strongly condemns promulgation of draconian ‘Essential Defence Services Ordinance’ (EDO) to ban strike in ordnance factories against corporatization


Comrade Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI (Communist), issued the following statement on 3 July 2021:
The Central Committee of SUCI (Communist), vehemently condemns the most draconian ‘Essential Defence Services Ordinance’ promulgated by the central government, to snuff out all India strike being resorted to by the workers and employees working in the ordnance factories across the country on July 26th, 2021, in opposition to the move of the govt to firs split the factories into seven corporations and then corporatize the same. Bleak future is staring in the eyes of not only 76,000 employees employed in 41 ordnance factories across the country, but also future generations of youth who are already faced with unemployment. “The ordinance aims to sound the death-knell for the legitimate right to strike earned by the working class through innumerable blood sained battles and reduce them to voice less servitude to the profit hungry monopolies and multinationals.
The SUCI (C) further condemns the severe punishment contained in the ordinance for the employees going on strike or to those who ‘instigate’ the employees to go on strike, with no less than 2 years of imprisonment.
The SUCI (C) expresses total support to the strike call given by the unions on 26 July 2021, demands of the government to reverse the decision to corporatize the ordnance factories and withdraw the draconian defence services ordinance. We call upon the entire working class to unitedly bring pressure upon the government to retract its anti-people, anti-working class measures.

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