SUCI(C) strongly condemns deliberate exclusion of the names of bona fide Indian citizens from the draft NRC in Assam and demands immediate inclusion of the same in the registrar



Shri Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist) has issued the following statement today with regard to publication of draft NRC in Assam : —

We are awfully shocked to learn from media report that the final draft of National Citizens’ Register (NRC) published on 30 July 2018, does not contain names of over 40 lakhs of bona fide Indian citizens mostly belonging to the religious and linguistic minorities. Such a massive exclusion which is totally incompatible with all earlier surveys and scrutinizing exercises undertaken even by the AGP-led state government itself particularly the ones carried out since 1985.  In this connection, it bears recall that although neither of those surveys and scrutiny works of 1985 and afterwards was free from racist-religious-lingual bias and had arbitrarily and conspiratorially classified a large section of genuine Indian citizens as D-voters depriving them of their fundamental right, yet the number of such controversial D-voters did not exceed 3.7 lakhs. In this background, the figure of more than 40 lakh exclusions is not only unbelievable but, as was being apprehended, smacks of a well-knit conspiracy stemming from racist and communal hatred in preparing the list. Though it is pretended that there has been an extensive exercise to identify illegal migrants or trespassers branded as ‘foreigners’, fact is that this declaration of such a huge population hitherto an integral of the country’s citizenry as persona non grata by virtually a stroke of the pen is a strong-arm coercive bandwagon of the BJP-run state and central governments, promoting and abetting racial-communal-ethnic-religious divide and hatred with alacrity in subservience to heinous bourgeois class design in dividing in as many ways as possible. In no other state of India, and for that matter, nowhere in the world, one has seen or heard of any such fascistic exercise where the government has chosen to rob the citizenship of its own people and that too by giving it a full-proof legal stamp without caring what an enormous humanitarian crisis such an action would entail when these hapless roofless toiling masses would be forcibly uprooted from their homeland, turned stateless and left to shudder at the nightmare of an impending doom.

Such an inhuman act is befitting only to a government–administration which has fascistic intentions of subverting fundamental right of a targeted section of citizens through conspiratorial means and this drill of preparing NRC for Assam has been orchestrated jointly by the BJP-led central and state governments and extremely chauvinist forces from that objective only pushing most of the excluded people who are extremely poor and helpless to total ruination. By dint of this sinister move, the BJP-led central and state governments have clearly intended to thwart the growth and development of mighty united movement of all sections of the toiling people of Assam irrespective of caste-religion-language on burning demands of their life.

We strongly condemn this fascistic conspiracy woven in subservience to the heinous interest of the communal-chauvinist forces of Assam and strongly demand immediate inclusion of the names of all genuine Indian citizens seemingly dropped from the draft NRC from a definite mala fide intention.

We also call upon the right-thinking well-meaning democratic-minded people of Assam as well as of the entire country to rise up to the occasion and develop sustained united powerful movement to force the BJP-led to give up this sinister conspiracy.

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