SUCI(C) severely condemns most undemocratic anti-people policy of slapping hefty charges on cash transactions with banks

Comrade Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI(C), issued the following statement on 03-03-2017 :
SUCI(C) severely condemns the most undemocratic decision on the part of three private banks to levy hefty charges beyond four cash transactions (cumulative for both withdrawal and deposit) on the pretext of promoting cashless transaction which is also chargeable. This would immensely harm, harass and penalize common citizens particularly the daily wagers, factory workers, peasants, small traders and hawkers who are dependent on cash transactions. Needless to say that this move has been taken at the instance of the government and RBI and would soon be followed by other banks including the public sector banks whose eventual privatization is in the offing as per policy announcement by the government. It is a clear instance of performing daylight robbery on the common people and militates against the very right of one to deal with one’s own money as per one’s own wish. Moreover, it is in continuation of the trend set of late to take major policy decisions on economic matter outside the budget.
Suffering people ought to imbibe the truth that if such economic onslaughts are allowed to descend upon them without powerful organized protest, a floodgate of such offensives would be opened to further tear apart their already miserable and penury-stricken life condition under ruthlessly exploitative capitalist rule.

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