SUCI(C) protests recent US-India military tie up, calls for raising voice against

Comrade Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI(C), issued the following statement on 16-09-15 :

It is reported that Pentagon of USA has very recently formed an ‘India Rapid Reaction Cell’ to further bolster its military ties with India, the junior imperialist partner, and execute a plan of joint production of most modern weapons with the stated object of strengthening “the security of South East Asia” which actually means furthering the US military dominance over Asia including the Middle East. It clearly shows that India being a rising imperialist power has become an active partner of US imperialist machinations. It is a matter of deep concern not only for the Indian people, but also for the people of the entire zone.

It is pertinent to note that to satisfy the profit-greed of the Indian multinationals and monopolists, the BJP-led central government following the path of its predecessor Congress-led government is continuously increasing the defence budget at the cost of education, health and other people’s welfare related budgets ignoring the cry of the millions for food, employment, education, health care, etc.

We strongly protest the increasing military tie-up of India with the war-merchant US imperialists and call upon the people to raise their voice against this sinister design as well as against the increasing allocation of people’s money towards military budget.

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