SUCI(C) protests linking Aadhar card with Mid-day meal

Comrade Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI(C), issued the following statement on 05-03-2017 :
SUCI(C) vehemently protests the most unjust decision of the union HRD ministry to compel the school students to provide Aadhar card number for getting their midday meals. This most unjust decision on the plea of bringing transparency to delivery of subsidies would affect around 120 million schoolchildren including 72 million stunted children across the country. Mid-day meals are an important entitlement of Indian children, legally enforceable under the orders of the Supreme Court as well as under the National Food Security Act. Sudden unilateral decision to link Aadhar card with school meal is a brazen subversion of this rightful entitlement. If the government really wanted to stop pilferage or misuse of subsidy, it could easily do that by taking appropriate administrative initiative under the already existing penal laws. But, the very skirting of that route by the government smacks of eventual curtailment of this facility later by raising the bogey of non-compliance with official directive. Moreover, the job of issuing Aadhar card in most of the places is now entrusted with private agencies against a fee. There are also allegations that people from the unprivileged impoverished sections are duped with fake Aadhar cards by unscrupulous quarters. In such a situation, mandating Aadhar card for school children is an out and out anti-people measure.
We call upon the suffering people to build up a powerful united movement to force the government withdraw the decision forthwith.

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