SUCI(C) holds that articulated gripe of four Supreme Court judges reveals what kind of grave unprecedented crisis the highest level of judiciary is plunged in

Shri Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI(C), has issued the following statement today:–

The way four senior judges of the Supreme Court in a hurriedly convened press conference alleged serious infirmities, irregularities and interference in the administration of like as Apex Court signing of cases for hearing to ‘preferred’ benches. They specifically referred to the Chief Justice of India’s decision of not replying to their letter in regard to the mysterious death of trial judge B M Loya who was hearing the case of a fake encounter in which Amit Shah, the BJP President, is one of the accused. They also alleged that the CJI refused to delete the petition seeking probe into justice Loya’s death. Family of Justice Loya, it may be recalled, has alleged that his death was unnatural and came after he was offered Rs 100 crores as a bribe to rule in favour of the BJP leader. The aggrieved judges also charged that the collegium of appointment of judges is acting like a coterie and held that a barter system is prevailing among the collegium members.  The whole country is shaken by this serious how the judiciary is plagued with grave crisis. If the judiciary to whom the people look at for getting ultimate justice is embroiled in such worrying controversies that point at miscarriage of justice, is there anything that people can expect in this decadent moribund utterly corrupt capitalist system?

It is thus once again revealed that the judiciary is not at all free from the strangulating grip the stinking capitalism has on every sphere of life economic-political-social-cultural and the resultant degeneration and deterioration. Task imperative is to immediately develop powerful organized people’s opinion against such tampering with the judicial process to put a rein on this degeneration of the judicial system. We call upon the countrymen to come forward and take up the task of asserting pressure of concerted people’s protest against such marginalization of judiciary.

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