SUCI(C) expresses grave concern over BJP’s electoral victory


In the Loksabha election and

Calls upon the countrymen to develop mighty people’s movement

To squarely confront the attacks of the Government on people

Reacting to electoral victory of the BJP in the just concluded Loksabha election, Shri Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI(C), has issued the following statement today

Being rattled by one after another wanton anti-people policies of the BJP government in naked subservience to bourgeois class interest, toiling people of the country were seething in rage in the pre-election period and were desperately seeking relief from this strangulating situation. But during the time of electioneering, all these problems and issues wreaking havoc in people’s life, were surreptitiously relegated to the back not only by the RSS –BJP but also by the vote-based other bourgeois opposition parties and even CPM, CPI. Further a bunch of cooked up issues were cunningly brought to the fore to divert people’s attention, religious fanaticism, national jingoism, war psychosis and communal-casteist polarization vigorously fanned up and with the blessings of ruling bourgeois class money-muscle-media-administrative powers recklessly let loose to shrewdly manipulate and rig the results in favour of the ruling BJP, much against the will and interest of the people. Time and again, we have been emphasizing that in today’s election there is not an iota of what is called free and fair election. It has been completely reduced to a farce. The worst forms of machinations, deceptions, dishonesty and hypocrisy indulged in by RSS-BJP in this Loksabha election have once again proved that vital truth beyond doubt. Another pertinent fact to be noted is that violating all democratic norms and conduct the Election Commission pretending to be impartial and neutral has in a brazen manner did everything to serve the electoral interest of the ruling BJP.   

Our Party guided by Marxism-Leninism-Shibdas Ghosh Thought has been emphasizing that in order to repulse the crass communal fascist politics and attacks of the RSS-BJP, task imperative is to build up a deterrent in the form of developing sustained powerful united left-democratic movement centering round the burning problems of people’s life. We further pointed out that the ambience of this united left-democratic movement would create a cultural milieu which would frustrate the sinister design of the RSS-BJP to divide people based on religion and other nefarious means. Pointing out the fact that in the whole country one after another spontaneous movements of the peasants, workers, women and students were going on providing thereby enough scope for developing organized left democratic movements. Repeatedly we urged upon the CPI (M), CPI and their associates to spurn the line of clinging to bourgeois parliamentarism and come forward to organize such united mass struggles. But all these fell on deaf ears. The CPI (M), CPI paid no heed to our appeal and instead frantically tried to get a few seats by entering into unprincipled opportunistic alliances and understanding with other bourgeois oppositional parties and in some cases with certain parochial regional bourgeois parties, stamping them as ‘secular’ and ‘democratic’. As a result, the ruling bourgeois class succeeded in installing again its most trustworthy political manager the BJP in power at the centre. It is to be noted that under this circumstances braving all odds and difficulties, our party took part in this election battle holding high Marxism-Leninism-Shibdas Ghosh Thought and militant leftism, which got wide appreciation from the right thinking people.

Though the elections results have been devastating from the perspective of people’s interest, we feel there is no question of getting disheartened. The call of the hour arising out of this shocking result of this Parliament election is to rise to the occasion and take solemn pledge to repulse each and every ferocious attack of the ruling capitalist class and the BJP Government. It is quite possible to thwart the rabidly anti-people communal fascistic activities of the RSS-BJP by releasing the tide of mighty class and mass struggles based on correct base political line of struggling leftism and basing upon higher ethics, morality and culture. We fervently appeal to the countrymen as well as the honest rank and file of all left parties to join the initiative in spearheading these legitimate militant mass movements one after another throughout the country.  

Our Party, the SUCI (communist), founded, reared, geared by Comrade Shibdas Ghosh, the great leader of the proletariat stand committed to develop and lead these militant class and mass movements on the basis of his thoughts and teachings.

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