SUCI(C) expresses grave concern at the Vyapam scam and demand CBI enquiry under supervision of Supreme Court

Comrade Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI(C), has issued the following statement today :—

One after another mysterious death of as many as 46 persons having some connections with the Vyapam (Vyavsayik Pareeksha Mandal, or Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board) scam of 2007 wherein a number of eligibility tests for courses and recruitments including medical entrance, government employment as police constables, teachers and banking officials were allegedly rigged to favour candidates recommended by or close to ministers including BJP chief minister of the state, ruling party leaders, RSS top brass, bureaucrats across the board, as well as the office of Governor, have belatedly burst on the national scene. It is a crime of unprecedented dimension in capitalist India. Though over Rs.2,000 crore believed to have been exchanged as bribes in this scandal is nothing compared to mega scams like 2G or Coalgate though involving lakhs of crores of rupees, this is much graver and serious a crime because the latter were not associated with this type of unprecedented death in our country. The serial deaths of accused persons, witnesses, government approvers, probing officials or investigating journalists in suspicious circumstances do smack of a deep-rooted conspiracy involving powerful well-connected individual as well as mafias skilled in orchestrating silent assassination who have been planfully engineering cold-blooded murder of those who might be instrumental in unravelling this multi-layered crime and expose the culprits. It is disquieting that no one else but the Union BJP Home Minister has tried to dodge questions calling this a ‘non-issue’ and starting from BJP Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh to other BJP big shots are making frantic bid to play down the graveness of such a horrendous crime and even showing audacity to comment like “whoever is born has to die one day”. While being gravely concerned at such a mega-crime, we are of the firm opinion that such cannot take place without connivance of top levels of administration, government, ministers and police officials. The way ruling BJP leaders are trying to suppress the episode and the Prime Minister is maintaining eerie silence provide enough indication towards that and confirms sinister attempt to hide the culprits. This also once again vindicates the analysis of our Party that anyone associated with subserving or defending decadent moribund reactionary and corrupt capitalist system cannot but be corrupt and even plunged in criminality.

We, therefore, demand the following :

  • There be an immediate CBI enquiry into the matter under supervision of the Supreme Court and the guilty brought out and meted out exemplary punishment
  • Investigating agencies in the state which have been deployed to investigate the incidents are alleged the suppressing the facts and protect the real culprits. So, there should be high power impartial committee should be formed to investigate their
  • Sivraj Singh Chauvan should immediately step down from chief ministership of Madhya Pradesh.
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