SUCI(C) expresses grave concern at the killing of a 3-year old boy by unidentified assailants in Kashmir, demands of the government to take immediate remedial steps to stop violence in the valley and guarantee safety to the citizens

Comrade Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI(C), issued the following statement on 21-09-15:

We express grave concern at the news that a 3-year old boy has been gunned down by unidentified miscreants at Sapore in Kashmir on 18 September evening. In fact, during the last five months, a good number of mysterious killings have been reported in North Kashmir. Such indiscriminate killings by anonymous assailants who are not sparing even innocent children indicate how the situation in the state is deteriorating fast reflecting on the inefficiency on the part of the governments, both central and state, in protecting the lives of the common citizens, containing violence and apprehending serial killers despite deployment of so many military and para-military forces besides a large contingent of armed police.

While demanding earliest apprehending of the culprits and meting out stringent punishment to them as well as appropriate compensation to victim families, we are of the firm opinion that the central government along with the state government, instead of making hollow shout against the growing violence, terror and killings in the state and further aggravating the situation by creating war psychosis and entering into verbal duels with Pakistan, should immediately take appropriate steps to improve law and order situation of the state, guarantee safety of the innocent citizens and restore peace and normalcy in the valley.

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