SUCI(C) Denounces the Union Interim Budget


In a quick reaction to the interim union budget, Shri Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI(C), has issued the following statement today: —
The interim budget of the BJP government presented by its interim Finance Minister should better be called “a document of election campaign” of the ruling party. It is full of sickening self-eulogy, customary vending of spurious dreams and fabricated data. Most importantly, it has not addressed any of the burning problems of people’s life but only sought to misrepresent the reality with doctored statistics and unsubstantiated claims. Just two instances would be enough. While making a passing remark about unemployment, the Finance Minister repeated the falsehood uttered earlier by the Prime Minister that rising number of PF accounts confirms increased providence of job. But it was revealed in the media that the so called spurt in PF accounts is due to bringing in companies with 20 or more employees under its fold. Moreover, EPFO itself revised down the net enrolment numbers from 4.12 million to 3.73 million. Everyone who goes to the market to buy items of daily needs feel the pinch of harrowing price rise. But the budget speech claims that inflation is reduced to just 4.4% and has eased living. Similarly, while referring to the Railways, not a single problem starting from increasing fare to lack of punctuality and safety has been touched upon. While the peasants are reeling under astronomical rise in the prices of agricultural inputs and non-availability of remunerative price, notwithstanding mouthful announcement of increase in Minimum Support Price, the Finance Minister ended his responsibility by giving a gimmick of providing cash incentive of Rs 6000 per annum to the peasants meaning just Rs 16 per day — a total farce.
Our Party strongly denounces such a mockery in the name of budget presentation, using the platform of parliament for rolling out electoral agenda of usual bluffs and chicanery and calls upon the people to take note of the fine-tuned bourgeois deceptions purported to hoodwink them.

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