SUCI(C) denounces the Union Budget 2015 as pro-capitalist, pro-rich and anti-people

Comrade Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI (C), has, in a quick reaction to the Union Budget, 2015, said on 28 February,2015:-

When the people of the country are bleeding white under galloping price rise, mounting unemployment, escalating job loss, appalling poverty and pauperization, unavailability of rudimentary means to eke out a bare living, rampant corruption and are dying of hunger and starvation, the BJP Finance Minister with cleverest of demagogy interspersed with apparently incomprehensible economic jargons has presented a budget which, notwithstanding surfeit of routinized hollow promises, announcement of a slew of programmes, most of which are old wine in new bottles, which conventionally remain on paper and customary shedding of crocodile tears for the poor and underprivileged, is wholly and solely aimed at serving the vested class interest of the monopolists, industrial houses and corporate sector. Wearing a radical cloak, he has made every attempt to ensure that in the name of giving boost to private investment, infrastructure development, manufacturing industry, stock market operations and widening social security network through increased thrust on pension and insurance, the sectors in which large inflow of FDI is expected, the capitalist owners continue to reap maximum benefits both in terms of tax concessions, credit off-take and duty waivers. The hoax of job creation through stimulation of investment by offering plenty of facilities to the private capitalists has also, like previous years, featured in this budget. Nakedly, he has reduced corporate tax from 30 to 25% while keeping the tax slab of the individuals unaltered. Wealth Tax has been abolished. Service tax which is straightaway recovered from the end consumers in the form of loading on the bills has been increased from 12.36% to 14%. Unproductive defence budget has been raised to as high as Rs 2,46,727 crores. The Finance Minister has also made a total mockery in regard to unearthing and generation of black money by just stating that all such holders of unaccounted money and tax evaders will be firmly dealt with. But even a child in this country knows that it is the top monopolists, corporate bigwigs, unscrupulous politicians and corrupt bureaucrats who thrive on black money and hence the so-called belligerence of the government which is installed in power with the backing of the ruling monopolists is nothing but playing to the gallery. The so-called thrust on direct transfer of subsidy to the deserving is another hoax as the delivery mechanism is fraught with a host of inadequacies and faults and there is no redressal in case of non-receipt.

People of the country ought not to be misguided by the sugar-coated hoodwinking words the Finance Minister has arrayed in his budget but must understand the deceptions and illusions dished out on a palatable base and hence rise in protest against this outright pro-capitalist pro-rich budget.

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