SUCI(C) denounces Modi’s ridiculous claim that ancient India knew trees have life much before Jagadish Chandra Bose had discovered that

Comrade Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI(C), has issued the following statement on 7 April, 2015 : —

When the entire world admiringly acknowledges the path-breaking discovery of scientist Jagadish Chandra Bose, based on proven scientific evidence that trees have life, BJP Prime Minister Modi has shown the audacity to renounce this iconoclastic achievement of the celebrated Indian scientist. Instead he in continuation of his previous gospels like ancient India knowing modern aviation, stem cell technology, interstellar movements and so forth, has now claimed ludicrously that Indians knew plants had life long before Jagadish Chandra Bose since the time of the Gita and the Mahabharata. Such an utterance which brazenly subverts science and hence truth is, let not there be an iota of doubt, part of a deliberate design of the communal-fundamentalist doctrine of Hindutva, whose political mouthpiece is Modi, to blunt thinking and enshroud the thought process with blindness, obscurantism, revivalism, fanaticism and irrationality so that the preachers of Hindutva could ride on and stay in power encashing on the ignorance of the countrymen. To buttress that agenda, Modi and his Sangh Parivar mentors and colleagues do not care if there is outright affront to the renowned scientists who made India proud by inventing scientific truths that had stirred and stunned the entire world. It is relevant to add here that attack on science and hence knowledge is orchestrated by the oppressive ruling capitalist class to prolong its decadent moribund class rule and hence carried out by all its servitors, whether Congress or BJP. The reactionary doctrine of the BJP-RSS is also such an attack perpetrated by the ruling capitalists.

We firmly believe that not only the scientific community and rational-minded persons but the right-thinking people at large would not tolerate such motivated distortions of science and history. They would rise up and defeat such calamitous thought and expose its vendors by intensifying a science movement round the country.

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