SUCI(C) denounces BJP-led Rajasthan government to shield killers and calls upon people to rise in vehement protest


Shri Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI(C), has issued the following statement today:–

That the so-called cow vigilantes who have been carrying out ghastly killings of innocent citizens with alacrity are abetted and shielded by the RSS-BJP is once more nakedly revealed by the latest move of the BJP-led Rajasthan government to protect murderers of Pehlu Khan, an innocent citizen, in Alwar, on 1 April last. The victim Pehlu Khan was attacked by six miscreants allegedly owing allegiance to arch Hindu communal RSS-Bajrang Dal for so-called allegation of “illegally” transporting cows and there is a cell phone video footage of how he was yanked by the neck, thrown to the ground and mercilessly kicked by those goons.  The killers were named by the victim in his dying declaration as well. Yet, the CID police in its investigation report said that the culprits were not present on the spot and set them free. What could be more of a wanton mockery of investigation and justice how glaringly it proves hollowness of the so-called diatribes of the Prime Minister and other ministers and leaders of BJP against the self-styled gau rakshaks so licenced to brutally lynch innocent people particularly the Muslims and dalits just out of communal hatred.

We vehemently denounce this out and out pro Hindu communal move of the BJP government of Rajasthan and its brazen connivance in shielding culpable murderers. All right-thinking democratic-minded people are called upon to rise in protest and force the BJP government to recede from the path of protecting criminals as well as meting out exemplary punishment to those guilty of this barbaric killing.

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