SUCI(C) demands immediate reversal of BJP government’s decision to scrap central scheme for free drug and diagnostics

Comrade Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI(C), has issued the following statement on 05-04-2015:-

Once again Modi-led BJP government has bared its anti-people pro-capitalist face. The Health ministry in a document titled ‘Free Essential Drugs Scheme’ brought out in September last stated that “Government intervention for better access to essential medicines is urgently required as expenditure on drugs constitutes about 67 per cent of out of pocket expenditure on health care and out of pocket expenditure is one of the leading causes of impoverishment”. The Finance Minister in his budget speech said that “to move towards ‘Health for All’, the two key initiatives i.e. the Free Drug Service and Free Diagnosis Service would be taken up on priority.” But now the government has gone for a complete somersault by scrapping the central scheme for free drug and diagnostics as a further step towards complete withdrawal of the state from public health and leaving the arena exclusively to the private operators for running on commercial basis. As a result, rudimentary medical care will elude the downtrodden impoverished countrymen.

We demand immediate reversal of this most unjust decision and urge upon the people that in order to thwart such one after another attack the ruling dispensation is bringing out on every passing day, they need to do whatever is necessary to develop a powerful united sustained movement on burning issues of life including availability of proper healthcare either free or at affordable cost.

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