SUCI(C) Demands Free Universal Vaccination


Shri Provash Ghosh General Secretary SUCI (Communist) while demanding free universal vaccination for all countrymen to prevent the spread, has in a statement on 21.04.2021 said:

“The BJP led central govt.’s announcement that henceforth countrymen below 45 yrs. will have to pay the high price for corona vaccine is highly shocking. It means poor countrymen have to die.

We all know during the first wave of corona this very PM was busy in organising Namaste Trump extravaganza and pushed lakhs of migrant workers to almost ruination. The same PM had assured free vaccine and that finance for that would not be a problem. After the first wave the govt. got enough time to fill the gap in the medical infrastructure of the country but did nothing. Now making an U-turn how a govt. can pronounce such a policy in a country like India where millions and millions of poor and destitute are struggling to have a square meal a day.

We cannot understand how a bunch of central ministers including the PM can waste
hundreds of crores of money in air travel for election campaign almost daily while the countrymen particularly the working people are in dire distress in the wake of pandemic. Now the same PM shamelessly has placed all the responsibilities of saving the countrymen on the countrymen themselves washing govt. hands.

This is highly condemnable and we strongly register our protest against this irresponsible conduct of the central govt. We again demand universal free vaccination.”

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