SUCI(C) decries inhumanity of capitalism nakedly exposed during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic


Comrade Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI (Communist), issued the following statement on 16 April 2021 :

“We are now in the grip of a second wave of Covid-19, much more severe than the first spell, which has been claiming thousands of lives. But despite the scenario being so horrific, neither the BJP- led Central Government nor any state government are virtually doing anything to meet the situation. Last year when outbreak of this pandemic took away several lakhs of lives and caused enormous economic misery to crores of common people, it was pathetically revealed that the country miserably lacked sufficient numbers of hospitals, hospital beds, ventilators, oxygen cylinders, doctors, nurses, health staff and essential drugs due to criminal negligence of crucial health sector hitherto by the government. Is it not a mockery of seriousness when country is faced with acute shortage of vaccines, the Prime Minster is celebrating ‘Tika Utsav’ (vaccine festival) just like his last year’s prescription of clapping hands, beating metal cans, light earthen lamps and torches and cheering shower of flower petals from military helicopters to drive away corona? Before this second surge, the government had considerable time at its disposal to overcome this deficiency had it have a little concern for the precious lives of the people. Health budget is still miserably low while economic concessions to the monopolists in various forms are multiplying. Military and administrative expenditures are on a continuous rise. On the one hand, thousands of crores of rupees are being spent to build up a new parliament house as a grandiose palace, decoration of the surrounding areas and other lavish expenditures for Prime Minister and other ministers, while on the other hand, thousands of helpless impoverished people are crying for medical assistance and often dying being deprived of that. Last year Prime Minister using his office collected huge amount of money in the ‘PM Cares Fund’. Nobody knows what is the amount of the fund and for whose care the fund is being utilized. All these are enshrouded in mystery.

Do these protagonists of Hindutva have any human feeling? When deadly Corona pandemic is spreading like a wild fire for the second time, Prime Minister, Home Minister, Defence Minister and other BJP ministers as well the top BJP leaders are busy day and night in election campaign, spending crores of rupees to buy voters and mobilizing large number of people defying health protocols with the sole objective of snatching governmental power by anyhow winning the on-going assembly elections.

Spectacle is equally horrible in all other capitalist-imperialist countries. This is the brutal inhuman face of capitalism which does not bother for people’s life but only cares for accrual of maximum profit to the capitalist class. So, it is no wonder that when lakhs are dying every day due to Covid-19 and out of starvation, corporate tycoons and giant multinationals have been amassing huge profit and multiplying their wealth manifold. Moreover, when the humanity round the world is faced with such an unprecedented health crisis and attendant economic disaster, the rulers of the capitalist-imperialist countries, instead of putting up a united fight against the lethal virus to save the mankind from this disaster by pooling all their resources together, are embroiled in vicious trade war, augmenting military budgets exorbitantly and engineering local and border wars with a view to extending their respective spheres of influence and firming up territorial domination. This once again reveals the monstrously inhuman character of capitalism. To capitalism-imperialism, maximization of profit is everything and lives of common people are of no concern.

Crying need of the hour is that united well-organized struggles of the people be released in right earnest against the imperialist-capitalist rulers of the respective countries to compel them to take prompt and adequate measures to meet this awful situation and eventually accelerate the process of anti-capitalist socialist revolution in all countries including India.”

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