SUCI(C) condemns US-backed coup attempt in Cuba


Comrade Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI (C), issued the following statement on 13 July 2021:

We vehemently condemn the chaos and unrest precipitated in socialist Cuba by the planted agents of U.S. imperialism. We recall the US imperialists consider Socialist Cuba as a danger because of its inspiring resistance to US domination and plunder in Latin American countries, and how the US imperialists conspired several times to eliminate Socialist Cuba by military intervention and economic blockade.
We congratulate the Cuban people for resisting and foiling the conspiracy and urge upon them to protect hard-earned socialism in their country.
We also fervently appeal to all anti-imperialist, peace-loving, democratic-minded people of the world to unitedly raise their voice of protest against the sinister imperialist machination to destabilize a socialist state and stand firmly in solidarity with the Cuban people.
In India, our Party would organize demonstrations in all capital cities on 14 July in protest.

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