SUCI(C) condemns inhuman torture of Rohingya people, calls for immediate stopping of that and thwarting inhuman step to drive them away as refugees to neighboring countries



Shri Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI(C), has issued the following statement today :—

We vehemently condemn the most brutal attack that the Myanmar government has been carrying out with the help of army on the Rohingya community at the hilly state of Rakhine of that country. Evidently, this cruelty and barbarity of the Myanmar government which can be termed as ‘crimes against humanity’ is driven by its racial hatred against this ethnic minority people. In order to save life, the persecuted and tortured Rohingyas are forced to flee their home and hearth and seek refuge in neighbouring Bangladesh, India and other countries.

We demand immediate stoppage of this savagery, effective arrangements to ensure safe return of the evicted Rohingya people to their homeland and guarantee of their safety and security. We also want to state firmly that the very thought of driving away these wretched hapless people from India and other countries is an uncivilized as well as inhuman act.  Such thoughts must be abandoned and attempts to drive them out must be stalled immediately.

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