SUCI(C) calls upon people of both India and Pakistan to realize that their respective capitalist rulers are escalating border tension to divert their attention from gruelling capitalist oppression breeding all distress and deprivation in their life

Comrade Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI(C), issued the following statement on     09-09-15:—

We are gravely concerned at the fact that when problem of terrorist activities is perpetuating and growing in the Indo-Pak border areas particularly in Kashmir valley, instead of adoption of any concrete positive step on the part of both India and Pakistan governments to mitigate the problem amicably, there is escalating incidents of exchange of fire between Indian and Pakistani armies along the border coupled with trading of charges and counter-charges by the bourgeois governments of both the countries exacerbating tension in the boundary regions. All efforts are towards creating a war-like situation. We know that when wrath and grievance of the people of any capitalist-imperialist country against the gruelling capitalist oppression in all walks of life accentuate, the rulers try to divert attention of the suffering people by raising war psychosis and precipitating border tension. Ruthlessly exploitative capitalist rulers of both India and Pakistan are also pursuing the same line to distract attention of the people from the burning problems of life, craftily trying to create disaffection among the toiling masses of both the countries and thereby shielding the exploitative capitalist system, the root of all the misery and penury, deception and deprivation in people’s life.

As regards Kashmir, we have been consistently maintaining that although Kashmir is legally and undisputedly an integral part of India, the long-standing political problem it is involved in needs to be resolved through meaningful dialogue and discussion in an amicable ambience as soon as possible and there should be no bungling over the issue, let alone fomenting bellicose mentality and making war-like gestures and postures. It is to be reiterated that had the Indian rulers and its government honoured the agreements entered into with Sheikh Abdullah, the undisputed leader of Kashmiri people, at the time of accession, like safeguarding to the fullest extent the special status and autonomy of the state as envisaged in the ‘Instrument of Accession’, allowing the valley people to build up their state according to their best traditions and culture, offering them fullest cooperation and all necessary assistance from the Indian Union reflecting true spirit of federalism as well as truly upheld Article 370 subsequently incorporated in the Indian Constitution to ratify the special status, the turmoil in the valley could have been averted, the problem of terrorism would have been nipped in the bud and Pakistani rulers would have never got chance to rile up water over this question.

We call upon the toiling people of both the countries to realize this heinous game of their respective rulers, never fall victim to their sinister design and motivated propaganda, never indulge in anything that can cause division among the people which the oppressive capitalist rulers intend to bring about to protect their reactionary rule and close up their ranks to strengthen powerful legitimate democratic movements against all these ulterior machinations of the respective rulers.

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