SUCI(C) calls upon all to raise effective voice against highly pernicious monopolist-government nexus


Comrade Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI(C), issued the following statement on 09-02-23:

With research agency Hindenburg exposing the slew of frauds, manipulations and shady operations of the Adani group whose meteoric rise as the second richest person in the world during last eight years of BJP rule at the Centre as well as the various instances where the government liberally facilitated, if necessary by changing rules and using diplomatic influence, entry of Adani enterprise in various businesses, both inside and outside the country, the decade long ‘give and take’ relation between PM Modi and Adani group chief has been glaringly unfolded.
It also proved how hollow was the pre-poll slogan of Modi ‘‘Na khayunga, na khane dunga’’ (Neither shall I amass ill-gotten wealth nor allow anyone to do so). In fact, in the present era, any political party, whether the BJP or the Congress or other regional as well as social democratic parties, who are subservient to bourgeois class interest, cannot remain insulated from corruption and indulging in unfair as well as unethical practices to the utter detriment of the oppressed toiling millions.
It is high time that people take due cognizance of this reality and raise strong voice against monopolist-government nexus surfacing in all imperialist-capitalist countries including India as mark of fascist autocracy.

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