SUCI(C) called for organizing massive protest demonstration on 26 January against decision to invite Obama as chief guest

Comrade Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI(C), issued the following statement on 24-01-2015:-

Disregarding and dishonouring the glorious anti-imperialist tradition of the Indian people and showing utter disrespect to the leaders and martyrs of India’s anti-imperialist freedom movement, the Modi-led BJP government has been blatantly shameless in inviting Barack Obama, President of US, the chieftain of world imperialism and of the most dreaded despotic war monger enemy of mankind, as the Chief Guest of the Republic Day programme on 26 January, 2015, obviously to subserve the class interest of the ruling Indian monopolists aspiring to emerge as an Asian superpower by establishing closer economic-political-military ties with the Pentagon rulers.

Our Party has already given a call to the anti-imperialist peace-loving people of India to rise in vehement protest against this sinister move of the Modi government and organize massive demonstrations including burning of effigies of the US President at various places across the state on the very day of 26th January so as to shake both the US imperialist rulers as well as ruling Indian monopolists and their political managers.

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