SUCI(C) appeals to the people


Make the Bharat Bandh on 27 September 2021, called by the Sanjukta Kisan Morcha in demand for repeal of the three pro-monopoly, anti-peasant Black Farm Laws and Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2021 and to legalize MSP for agricultural produce, a grand success.
Dear friends,
You know that an undaunted, heroic peasants’ movement is going on in Delhi, defying all sorts of oppression and suppression of the BJP-led central government and disdaining severe cold, storm and scorching heat. In this heroic struggle, more than six hundred lives have been sacrificed and the peasants are ready to sacrifice more. Their only demand is: “Repeal the three pro-monopoly anti-peasant Black Farm Acts and Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2021 and legalize Minimum Support Price (MSP) for all agricultural produce.” Their slogan is: “We shall fight, we will win”. Their conviction is: “We shall continue our struggle, till the goal is reached.” The peasants are creating history, which will inspire the struggling people to fight against the monopolists and multinational sharks world over.
The peasants are convinced from the core of their heart that the three Black Farm Acts are for the interest of the monopolists, both domestic and foreign. If those are implemented, then their land and agricultural produce will go completely in the hands of the monopolists. Peasants will be transformed into paupers. At the same time, all the essential commodities would be controlled by the monopolists, as result of which hoarding and black marketing will soar and the sky-rocketing of prices of all essential commodities would continue. The lives of 136 crore people will be ruined.
The peasants know the meaning of corporatization and privatization. They witnessed the heinous role played by the multinationals in the field of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, water and electricity which has resulted in heavy debt burden on the peasants and they are forced to commit suicide. The peasants also feel that the pro-monopolist pro-multinational policy of the BJP-led central government following the path of erstwhile Congress government will devastate the lives of the toiling masses including workers, women, students and youths. That is why the peasants are determined to resist this heinous policy of the BJP government.
The peasants feel from the core of their heart that in this noble struggle, they are not alone. All the suffering people including workers, women, students and youths, employees, medical practitioners, intelligentsia are with them and helping their struggle in various ways. This precious support is helping the peasants to achieve their goal.
Sanjukta Kisan Morcha, a united platform of hundreds of peasant organizations, of which our peasant organization, AIKKMS, is an important constituent, is leading the struggle. And we are sure that it will lead the struggle to victory.
Our Party is with this struggle from its very inception with all our might, emotion, capability and strength as we have been fighting against all anti-people policies of the government and resisting attacks upon the workers, employees, students, youths, women and all other sections of the toiling masses. We know all toiling people of the country are pressed under the grinding wheel of the exploitative capitalist machine in all aspects of life. A fascist autocratic rule is suppressing all democratic rights and movements. So at this grim hour, not only the peasants but also workers, employees, students, youths, women, intellectuals and democratic- minded people should unite, rise up and organize movements by forming people’s committees and enrolling volunteers at the grassroots level. We know from the teachings of Comrade Shibdas Ghosh, the great leader of the proletariat, that ‘people are the creators of history’. The task of the working class party is to learn from the masses and organize them with revolutionary politics and culture. We are doing that as best as we can.
To advance the struggle further, the SKM has called a Bharat Bandh on 27 September 27 2021.We think it is a timely step to escalate the movement. The BJP government and its Hindutvawadi goons will try utmost to destroy this struggle. We are convinced that the BJP-led government, subservient to the class interest of the monopolists-capitalists and multinationals are bent upon sticking to their anti-people policies.
So to defeat this undemocratic stand and achieve the demands, development of a prolonged, well organized movement throughout the country is imperative. We are sure that people from all walks of life will come forward and take active initiative to make the Bandh a grand success to pave the way for all out victory. “We shall fight, we will win.”
With greetings,
Provash Ghosh
General Secretary,
S U C I (Communist)

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