SUCI (Communist) vehemently condemns mass killing of civilians by Myanmar Military and denounces Indian participation in a parade of the killers


Comrade Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI (Communist), issued the following statement on 30 March 2021:

‘‘We vehemently condemn the way the Military junta of Myanmar has declared a virtual war on the common people killing and maiming hundreds of them with alacrity. The Myanmar people have taken to the streets in demand for restoration of the elected government toppled by the military through a coup. While the democratic minded people of the whole world have been unequivocally denouncing such a barbaric attack on the civilians by a blood-thirsty fascist military junta, the Government of India till date did not even condemn this mass carnage. Instead, Government of India has sent its representative to attend a military parade of the coup leaders on 27 March, the bloodiest day of the pro-democracy movement when 114 civilians were shot dead taking the death toll to over 500 since the military coup on 1 February. No civilized person can remain silent over this shocking and horrific situation in Myanmar.

Rightly the Myanmar people held in extreme contempt the Indian participation in the shameful Armed Forces Day parade and held that those who ‘‘shook hands with the generals whose hands are soaked with our blood have brought disgrace to their own people and the international community’’.

We call upon the right-thinking Indian people to firmly stand in solidarity with their fighting Myanmar brethren and build up pressure on the government of India to use diplomatic channels to prevail upon the Myanmar military to stop such mayhem and reinstate the elected government.’’

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