Open session of SUCI (C) 3rd  Party Congress was held today at G town maidan, Jamshedpur. The main speaker was Comrade Provas Ghosh, General Secretary of the Party. Comrade Satyawan, member of the Central Committee, was the president. Comrade K. Radhakrishna, member CC, also spoke at the occasion. Activists from Jharkhand and nearest states participated.

On November 21st to 25th the delegate session was held in Shibdas Ghosh Study Centre, Ghatsila. It elected a central committee comprising 35 Members with Provas Ghosh as General Secretary.

Comrade Ghosh  told that the ruling coalitions of the last 70 years in Centre as well as different states could not address and solve the basic problems of the common people, rather they were hoodwinking the masses for their petty Parliamentary benefits. He added that SUCI (C) is the real Communist Revolutionary party which is striving to organise mass movements Centering on the burning issues of peoples life in the edifice of high ethics and culture.
The Sangh Parivar forces led by RSS – BJP are doing all they can to vitiate the social atmosphere by stirring up communal feelings by raising issues like Ram Mandir with an eye on the impending General Elections next year.

The so called Marxist parties like CPI and CPIM are trying to make electoral alliance with the facade of fighting the communal and antipeople policies of BJP. He told that Congress is the trusted party of the bourgeois and neither secular nor democratic.

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