SUCI (COMMUNIST) supports General Strike on the 8th January


Extending all out support to the General Strike called by the Central Trade Unions on the 8th January, 2020 on the basis of their 12 points demands along with including some other burning demands Shri Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI (Communist), has issued the following statement today, the 28th December 2019

            “Our party SUCI (Communist) extends all-out support to the countrywide General Strike called on 12 points demands by the Central Trade Unions on 8th January, 2020 to fight against BJP led Central Government’s brazen anti worker’s policy in the interest of their corporate masters.

            Along with that we also demand:

  1. Withdrawal of communally motivated NRC – CAA – NPR.
  2. Unconditional release of all arrested people in connection with anti NRC- CAA movement, impartial judicial enquiry into brutal police atrocities, killing and injuring people in the movement, punishment of guilty officials and adequate compensation to the families of killed & injured persons.
  3. Stop price hike and introduce state trading of all essential commodities.
  4. Provide permanent employment to the unemployed and reinstatement of the retrenched workers.
  5. Provide remunerative price to the produce of the peasants, supply them all inputs at a cheaper rate and waive all forms of loans of the peasants.
  6. Withdraw utterly anti-people so-called ‘National Education Policy, 2019’ and ‘National Medical Commission’ Act and all other anti-people educational and medical policies of the governments. The government must at once stop fee increase in medical and other educational institutions and commercialization, saffronization of education.
  7. Adopt stringent measures to prevent all kinds of atrocities on women andprompt judgments and punished of the guilty person.

We call up on the people to form people’s committees and enroll volunteers to develop well organized sustained mass movements in the country to achieve the above demands. We appeal to the people to fully involve themselves to make this General Strike on 8th January a grand success.”

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