SUCI (Communist) opposes National Monetization Pipeline scheme and demands its rollback


Comrade Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI(Communist), issued the following statement on 23 August 2021:
When people of the country are reeling under soaring price line, abnormally high fuel tariff, and other burning problems of life, the BJP government, instead of bringing any relief to them, is busy reaching out enormous financial benefits to the monopoly houses and corporate giants through various methods. Besides recklessly handing over profit-making PSUs to private operators through disinvestment route, of late, a move has been initiated to mop up around Rs 6 lakh crore by selling assets like roads, gas pipelines, trains etc. hitherto created and operated by PSUs like NHAI, PGCIL, Railways etc., to private houses under the so called ‘National Monetization Pipeline scheme’.
Needless to mention, that these are all attempts to finance growing budget deficits on account huge revenue foregone due to abundant tax concessions and waivers granted to the corporate sector. This privatization spree would now force the people to bear extra cost for road or railway transport as well as fuel consumption etc. since the corporates would seek to maximize profit from these newer avenues opened to them by their subservient government.
We vehemently oppose this anti-people policy of the BJP government and call upon people to compel it to back out from the project under pressure of powerful organized movement.

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