SUCI (Communist) expresses strong indignation against GST on poor man’s food


Muzaffarpur, Bihar

SUCI (Communist) expresses strong indignation against BJP-led central government for imposing GST on poor man’s food items

Shri Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI (Communist), has issued the following statement on 19 July 2022:

“In „Amrit Mahotsav‟ of 75 years of independence, there seems to be no rein on presenting one after another frightful „gifts‟ from the storehouse of the BJP government to the downtrodden millions who are in deep waters to make both ends meet because of astronomical price rise of all essential items including food articles. The latest one is the fiendish imposition of 5% GST on package rice, parched rice, pulses, and milk, milk products like pre-packed, pre-labelled curd, lassi, and buttermilk from 18 July 2022. At one stroke, the prices of these vital food items have gone up by around 10% adding perhaps a feather to the cap of the BJP Finance Minister who has been talking of bringing down the fiscal deficit through appropriate fiscal measures which, evidently, are nothing but to squeeze the pockets of pauperized people more and more while the top industrial tycoons earning Rs 75 to 90 crore per hour and the 142 billionaires who collectively own over Rs 55 lakh crores remain untouched and continue to enjoy booming fortunes. This is how „Saab ka Vikas‟ (development of all) is being „ensured‟ by the ruling BJP which glaringly defrauded people by promising that GST would bring down the prices. We reiterate once more that crisis-stricken dying capitalism which the BJP is serving as trusted political manager can offer to the countrymen nothing else but escalating oppression, deception, deprivation, discrimination and repression. So, unless the suffering millions in right earnest dispel all hesitations and vacillations, close their rank, cement their fighting unity and burst forth in powerful organized prolonged movement under correct revolutionary leadership against this tyrannically exploitative capitalist system and its bootlickers, the ruling quarters would run its ruthlessly oppressive steamroller unabated bring more misery to their life.” 

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