SUCI (C) demands immediate effective steps from Central and State governments to stop price rise

Comrade Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI(C), issued the following statement on 16 June 2016:

BJP’s promise of bringing  achchhe din is appearing as a cruel joke to the Indian people groaning under exploitation and grinding poverty and all out crisis in their life. Narendra Modi, before he became Prime Minister vowed to bring back all the black money stashed in foreign countries and put Rs. 15 lakh in the pocket of every Indian, but after two years not even 10 paise is put in the pocket of the citizens, rather what little they had is robbed from them through new tax, cess and curtailment of social security. In the State of West Bengal also TMC came to power riding on the slogan of paribartan (change). But after five years of TMC rule nothing has changed, rather the conditions have become worse. There is no amelioration of the crisis in people’s life. Rampages of anti-socials, mafia dons and syndicate bosses are continuing. Murders, rapes, torture of women have become the order of the day. On top of all these, the prices of food items and all essential commodities have sky-rocketed to bring them out of reach of the common people; total ruination is staring them at the face. Neither the Central nor the State Governments are doing anything to control the price rise and save the people. On the contrary, in spite of the fall in oil price in the international market, the Central Government went on increasing the domestic price of petrol and diesel.  It is well known that all the parties in power are beholden to big business, hoarders and black marketers; it is they who provide funds for winning elections and post-election they demand their pound of flesh, the freedom to loot. Under the circumstances we demand that to save the people from utter ruination the Government must immediately take the step of procuring the produce from farmers paying them fair remunerative price, and shoulder the responsibility of distributing the food grains and all essential commodities through all-out state trading system at fair and fixed price using government owned shops and retailers, doing away with the middle-man. We urge the people to build up powerful democratic movements to force the governments to take this very essential step of procurement and distribution.

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