SUCI (C) condemns Union HRD Ministry’s latest decision on reintroducing pass-fail only at classes V and VIII


In a statement issued on 6 March 2018, Provash Ghosh, General Secretary of SUCI (C) has vehemently criticized  the latest pronouncement from the HRD Ministry of the BJP-led Union Government, to reintroduce Pass-Fail under the purview of the Right to Education Act 2009, only at the levels of Classes V and VIII, whereas all the right thinking people of the Country, eminent educationists, teachers and students community of the country have been unambiguously demanding it right from the class 1, The statement firmly stated that examinations and pass-fail only at classes V and VIII will, in no way change and improve the general ambience in schools totally apathetic to teaching-learning caused by absence of the pass-fail system. And above all this, the measure would create further confusion and will ultimately lead failed students to drop out at these two stages. Since the measure is likely to pertain to government- run and government-aided schools, it will affect the common students hailing from poorer families. In short it will act as a powerful prong towards curtailment of education for common students, a policy being followed by the rulers since independence. The SUCI (C) urges every education-loving people, students-teachers-guardians and educationists to come out in active resistance of this proposed measure.

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