Strengthen sustained movement to force BJP Govt. to withdraw Anti Farmer law — SUCI(Communist)


Congratulate the Struggling Peasantry and Agricultural Labourers for making today’s All India RURAL BANDH a grand success Sri Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI (Communist) has issued the following statement on 25 September, 2020:

“We congratulate the struggling peasantry and agricultural labourers all over the country for making today’s (25th September, 2020) all India RURAL BANDH a grand success against the three anti-farmer bills passed in the parliament by the BJP led central government through its brute majority. These anti-peasant and anti-people bills will hand over country’s agricultural market to national and multinational corporate giants. We call upon the poor, lower and middle peasants and agricultural labourers to organize themselves and lead a sustained movement to such a height that the central BJP government is forced to withdraw this black law. We appeal to the toiling people to come forward and strengthen the peasant movements across the country by all possible means.”

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