Scrapping Article 370 and reducing Ladakh and Jammu & Kashmir as Union Territories trampling down all democratic norms


SUCI (Communist) strongly condemns sudden declaration —

Shri Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI (Communist) has issued the following statement today:

The Central Committee of SUCI (Communist) strongly condemns sudden declaration by the President of India on the advice of the Central BJP Government revoking Article 370 and reducing Ladakh and Jammu & Kashmir as Union Territories trampling down all democratic norms.

It is to be recalled that at the time of transfer of power Kashmir, which was up till then an independent kingdom, was given option either to join India or Pakistan or to remain independent. At that time Pakistan invaders attacked Kashmir for occupation, established their rule over a part of Kashmir but larger part of Kashmir people led by nationalist leader Sheikh Abdullah voluntarily joined India on some conditions preserving certain rights of Jammu & Kashmir people which was incorporated as Article 370 in the Indian Constitution. Kashmir thus became an integral part of India. It was necessary on the part of the then Congress led Indian Government to develop Kashmir economically, socially, culturally and democratically to win over the Kashmir people to facilitate their full integration gradually with rest of the country. But Congress led Central Government instead of adopting those measures resorted to bureaucratically rule over Kashmir diluting Article 370 causing resentment among Kashmir people taking advantage of which Pakistan indulged in a proxy war against India and in its course gave all out support to those armed separatists and secessionist forces working within Jammu & Kashmir. Instead of rectifying its mistakes successive Congress Governments adopted ruthless suppression of Kashmir people which alienated a considerable section of the people of Kashmir and as its consequence further strengthened the hands of the secessionist forces.

Under the circumstances when it was necessary for full implementation of Article 370 to win over Kashmir people, isolate and defeat Pakistan backed secessionist forces, this unilateral scrapping of Article 370 not only further alienates people of Kashmir but also will strengthen secessionist forces.

Armed forces can silence protesting voice for some time but not for all the time, rather it will further aggravate the antagonism.

We demand that Government should immediately restore Article 370 and all other democratic rights of the people of Kashmir.

We call upon all left, democratic and right thinking people of India to raise their voice in protest against these undemocratic acts of the BJP led central government.

Further we call upon the people of Kashmir not to be misled by this undemocratic decision of the central government and as being a part of Indian democratic minded people to raise their voice of protest.

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