Recalling invaluable teachings of Comrade Shibdas Ghosh


‘‘It is the fascists who cultivate blindness. The fascists want it. More the blindness, more the fanaticism—it is to this theory that the fascists subscribe. So they want the entire nation to become like blind fanatics. Their objective is to bring in blindness, create a bogey, raise slogans, bring in deceptive, misleading points to hide the main issues and incite the people. And what is the result? The people are incited by the ceaseless propaganda, and they madly rush on. And in their rush, they pay no heed to where they are going, whether they will fall in a ditch or not…
To inflame, to incite without any ground, to confuse, to subvert one’s reasoning capacity during discussion, to be impatient, to abuse instead of answering questions—these are the methods which the reactionaries use.
Only those whose ideological base is weak take recourse to exciting, to raising empty slogans; they try to smother ideology with slogans. But those whose base is not weak, they answer questions, they do not suppress questions.’’
‘Danger from Left Opportunism in Running a United Front Government’—speech delivered on 24 April 1970, SW Vol. IV

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