Progressive Alliance of Pakistan demands immediate remedy to man-made flood situation


Imdad Qazi, Convener-Progressive Alliance, and General Secretary-Communist Party of Pakistan along with others have said the following in a press release:

As a consequence of its profit-driven selfishness, the imperialist-capitalist system has abused nature, resulting in environmental contamination and the annihilation of both humans and the natural world as a result of climate change. Countries like Pakistan have to deal with the damage that these polluting countries have caused. As a result of the rains, floods, and the consequent human catastrophe, the entire country is experiencing grief, pain, and trauma. The country’s four provinces and Gilgit-Baltistan have all been devastated by the rains. This monsoon flood has ravaged Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit as it moved downstream. the flood drains and natural and historical passageways have been occupied by the feudal lords of Sindh, particularly those in the government.
The flood channels were cultivated, fish farms and lavish farmhouses have been constructed by these feudal lords. In addition, numerous canals have not yet been blocked; water continues to flow through them. The feudal lords who are part of the Zardari regime and who have been elevated to the status of district kings are also using public funds to pump water from their properties into these canals using the government machinery. Thousands of deaths have occurred. Millions of animals have perished or been swept away. Due to the water standing for more than 15 days, different diseases have begun to spread among humans and animals. Malaria, typhoid, gastrointestinal illnesses, and skin diseases are prevalent. Mosquitoes have made life miserable day and night. Every source of drinkable water has been depleted. Now the children, the women, that is, the human race, are starving and thirsty, awaiting death in the sun and hubris under the open sky. It appears that the greedy, narcissistic, and heartless rulers of Pakistan wish to aggravate the flood crisis by blocking the water in order to obtain aid and loans from the international community.
We demand from the platform of the Progressive Alliance, which is constituted of parties across Pakistan, Jammu and Kashmir, and Gilgit-Baltistan, that the distribution of aid be overseen by a committee comprising those who are more familiar with the affected population.
In addition our demand is that Pakistan must not take part in any bloody games being played by imperialists and must stop the Taliban from organising in Pakhtunkhwa. This time, the struggle for the interests of the United States, Europe, and China, Russia will be waged through bloodthirsty groups like ISIS and murderous mercenary groups like the Taliban. Pakistan ought to protect itself against this.

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