On Hyderabad rape and ‘encounter’


Provash Ghosh,  General Secretary of SUCI (Communist) said in a press statement on 7th December, 2019. The ghastly rape and murder of a lady doctor in Hyderabad on 27th November, 2019 and subsequent killing of the 4 (four) accused by the police have shaken the whole country. This is not an isolated incident in our society.

Ruling bourgeois class and its servitor governments have pushed a large number of youths to all pervasive degeneration by wide spread of alcohol, narcotic drugs, pornography, blue films, crime psychology, sex slavish mentality leading to daily horrible incidents of rape, gang rape and murder of women of all ages which cause much pain, agony, resentment among the people.

People note with much anguish that in spite of repeated occurrence of these crimes, governments – both Central and States, their police, administration and judiciary have failed to provide necessary safety for women and due punishment to the criminals. Even some criminals enjoy protection from ruling parties.

The criminal negligence of police administration in responding on time when the complaint was launched, has created widespread outrage throughout the country which ultimately compelled the police to arrest the culprits. They are subsequently killed reportedly in an encounter with the police while crime scene was being reconstructed at 3 a.m. early morning of 6th December.

It is noted that while a section of the people has become jubilant in appreciating the police officials for this action, i.e. killing the accused persons but another section has raised serious questions and doubts. These are ; (1) Why the time for reconstruction of crime was selected in the night, not in bright day light and that too in absence of neutral persons? (2) How can an unarmed accused can snatch revolver from one of the 10 armed police personnel and fire at policemen and the four accused attempted to flee away? (3) How no policeman has got bullet injury while 4 accused died due to police firing? (4) Even if firing has been a necessity for self-defence of police why the police did not fire aiming below the knees of the accused?

All these questions have led people to conclude that much condemned police officials might have staged a fake encounter in order to cover up their earlier negligence and to become ‘heroes’ among the people. This apprehension is further strengthened as there are many past instances of false encounters in our country.

We demand a judicial enquiry to find the truth and if police persons are found guilty, exemplary punishment is to be given. Further we demand that Central and State governments must take necessary and adequate arrangements for the safety of women, and for immediate arrest, trial and severe punishments to the culprits responsible for rapes and murders.

We urge upon the people to develop a countrywide movement against the conspiracy of the ruling class and the ruling parties to dehumanize the people by spreading all sorts of addictions like sex, drugs and alcohol which is the root cause of these ghastly rapes and murders and all other criminal activities.

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